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Uppsala universitet
Womens and childrens health
Akademiska sjukhuset
SE-751 85 Uppsala, Sweden

Clinical Psychology in Healthcare
Uppsala universitet
Uppsala biomedicinska centrum
Institutionen för kvinnors och barns hälsa
Klinisk psykologi i hälso- och sjukvård
Box 572
SE-751 23 Uppsala, Sweden

Visiting address

MTC-house: Dag Hammarskjölds väg 14B, 2 tr
Obst/Gyn, Pediatrics: Akademiska sjukhuset, Entr 95-96 lower ground
IMCH: Drottninggatan 4, 4th floor
Clinical Psychology in Healthcare: Husargatan 3, BMC, D11


+46 18 611 00 00 (exchange)


MTC-house: +46 18 611 55 83
IMCH: +46 18 50 80 13


Paediatric Inflammation Research

In the Group of Pediatric Inflammation research we study a number of common conditions such as asthma and allergies , intestinal inflammatory diseases and rheumatologic diseases. All of these disorders are characterized by inflammation.

Inflammatory markers such as exhaled nitric oxide are studied in order to find better tools for the diagnosis and monitoring of asthma and other conditions. Other markers are studies in relation to intestinal and/or rehmatic diseases. Cystic fibrosis, a rare disease that affects the lungs and exocrine secretions, leading to severe respiratory infections. The underlying cause is defective function of the chloride channel in the cell membrane. The research group is looking into better methods of treatment and diagnosis of this previously uniformly fatal condition. Researchers involved in the urinary tract are also members of the group. We study urinary tract infections and children with severe enuresis (bedwetting).