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Career and work opportunities

The Master Programme in Global Health prepare you for work within the area global public health. Many of our students get positions at national and international organizations, often with focus on development or humanitarian assistance. After the Master degree you may also continue with studies at PhD level.

For general guidance regarding career issues see more information on UU’s website

Interviews with former masterstudents

Jonas Hamrén

What did you do before taking the Master?
Working as a physiotherapist in a swedish health center since 7 years

What are you doing now?
I'm the Rehab director of Hillside health care in Belize,  where we work with Community based rehab and allot of public health related projects.

What has your master studies meant for your present work?
It has given me the chance to work in a different context than before and get a deeper understanding of global health problems. 

Tara Rourke

What did you do before taking the Master?
I was working as a contract analyst at an Insurance company,  drafting Life Insurance contracts and policies.  I also was a volunteer, teaching financial literacy programs in elementary schools.

What are you doing now? 
I am currently working at Medtronic, which is a medical device company, working in the Medical device reporting for the Cardiac and Heart Therapies products, we help determine what is reportable to the FDA.

What has your master studies meant for your present work? 
I get to do some investigations and literature reviews- we have to look through journal articles and find relevant mentions of the products that Medtronic makes, so it definitely was beneficial (in my current role)- to have done extensive review of journal articles and research articles, as well as know how to understand the research.  

Caroline Granberg

What did you do before taking the Master? 
I did my Bachelor within Biomedical Science.

What are you doing now?
I am working as Project Assistant/Administrator at ReAct - Action on Antibiotic Resistance.

What has your master studies meant for your present work?
My work is very much related to global health/public health so my master studies have been very useful. Even though antibiotic resistance was not really a major focus during the program, my master studies has contributed to my understanding within this field.